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Ifugaw house,built on four posts(cf.tukud);which support the two kuling [q.v.]; the four post and the two kuling are the foundation of the house.Hi daulon[cf.under daul]di baleda, ‘’on the underyard of their house’’;bable, ‘’word-base bale with reduplication of the first syllable[cf.under bable],’’ ‘’village’’; babale (used in hudhud), ‘’ a line or group of houses built on the center terrace of the village’’; himbale, ‘’household’’; imbabale, (or imbale), ‘’child(children) of a household’; kababale, ‘’every house’’ ‘’all the houses’’; bimable, ‘’villagers’’;mumbale, ‘’to dwell in a house ‘’; mun-inbale bugan, ‘’Bugan will have a child’’; binalyanay duntugna[q.v.], ‘’he built his house on the ridge of the hill’’; ibaleyu tun abong , ‘’used this hut as dwelling place’’, and so forth.

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