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This term primary conveys the meaning attributed to the long romantic stories chanted by women working in the rive fields (especially during the harvest) and during funeral wakes. The precentors sing the first part of every verse and the choristers. The second part continuing the chant when the soloist changes her moderato tempo to adagio: Munhudhudda, ‘’they go on chanting a hudhud.’’Exceptionally, an ordinary narration may be called hudhud, though improperly. Sometimes, hudhud with an appropriate prefix, infix, or suffix may imply the meaning of ‘’reporting’’ ‘’telling what happened.’’ Hudhuddandan Aliguyun, ‘’ they report to Aliguyun’s what occurred’’; hinudhudanak, ‘’he told that to me’’; ihudhudmuy inatmudi [cf.under at and hidi], ‘’bring out what you did yonder.’’

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